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Property description:

The property is located in the relatively small and charming city of Primorsko and at 200 m from the Black sea. There are a lot of and smaller hotels but also you could find cheap accommodation in the youth centre, campsites or private lodging. The city is very prosperous and has grown immensely in the past few years. It is very popular resort among foreign and native tourists. The city has two beaches which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful relaxing atmosphere of the Black Sea coast. The place is not only suitable for your holiday but also for permanent living. There are all commodities and amenities near this apartment.

The estate is only at 60 km from the splendid sea city of Bourgas, which is the fourth biggest city in Bulgaria.

It is a modern city, where you could find a lot entertainments and all kind of amenities. Thanks to the parks and the Sea garden, Bourgas is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. There are a big port and an international airport in the city. They accomplished the transport junctions with the countries of the Black sea zone and the Near East.

This very advantageous offer is superb business opportunities so do not hesitate to invest now.

The holiday village consists of 5 buildings, located in 2 groups by the periphery of the terrain. The village has the following facilities:

* luxury condominiums (one bedroom, two bedroom and “maisonette”)

* restaurant

* coffee-bar

* food shops, pharmacy

* rehabilitation center

* hair dresser and cosmetic saloon

* fitness, sauna

* swimming pool

* kid’s swimming pool

* kid’s playground

* handicap ramp

* parking places

* area of greenery

* reception, tour agency’s office

The apartments are luxurious. They are handed in finished state:

* Metal entrance door

* Windows and balcony doors are made of reinforced plastic

* Flooring in the living rooms and bedroom are made of laminar parquet

* Flooring in anteroom and balcony is made of granitogres

* Luxury electrical switches

* The bathrooms are completely furnished with shower cabin, sink, toilet, and boiler. The walls are garnished with faience, the floors with terracotta.  

* The kitchen furnishing is cupboard, fiber glass hot-plate, microwave, washing machine or dishwasher(on choice)

* Air Conditioning

The complex will have all year round security guarding, maintenance of the outer facilities (swimming pool, greenery etc.). The holiday village will be completed on April 2006.

* The whole holiday village will be surrounded by fence and will be all year guarded by security.

* The buildings are made with reinforced concrete, brick front and brick partition walls.

* The building isolation – hydro isolation and thermal isolation are made with modern ecological materials.

* Facial fronts with coloured acrylic plaster.

* The electricity installation is separate for every apartment. It has a separate electric meter connected the main building electric meter.

* The water sewage system is made of PVC pipes, with build in water meters in every apartment.

* Telephone instillation.

* Installation for TV and Internet.

* Intercom installation

* Elevators for each section/building.

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About SBS Bulgarian Properties

The national agency SBS Bulgarian Properties Ltd. is a prestigious and quickly- developing company, with a young team of highly qualified and ambitious specialists. Our company is one of the most perspective intermediates on the property market in Bulgaria.

The agency was registered in the Bourgas County Court under BULSTAT No 102933218, Internal Revenue Council No 4020036627, and address of registration: Main Office- 13 Alexander Veliki Street, entrance 1, floor2, 8000 Bourgas, Bulgaria. The chief executive officer is Mr. Stoyan Surmov.

As a national company with a fast- growing network of offices all over the country, SBS Bulgarian Properties Ltd. are able to satisfy the specific requirements of our present or future customers, by offering a wide range of properties in every part of Bulgaria.

The most important thing for SBS Bulgarian Properties Ltd. is to offer the best quality of service to our clients.

In attempt to reach a more competitive placement of SBS Bulgarian Properties Ltd. on the Bulgarian property market, we are now pleased to offer our clients:


1. Market analysis especially for you we will provide the latest information on the supply and demand in the property market in Bulgaria; we will advise you what are the most appropriate time and place for buying a property that satisfies your individual specifications as investor.

2. Detailed analysis of the current legal and economic situation in Bulgaria - we will provide to you professional counsel for all the tax cuts preferences related to the process of purchasing a property in Bulgaria.

3. Expert evaluation of properties - independent licensed property experts will make for you this evaluation, accompanied by a full and professional report for every single property you select.

4. Our interior designers and building consultants will be glad to present to you a complete offer for the service you need at the most reasonable prices and as soon as possible, if you just present to them your ideas about  reconstructions, renovations or even building your own property in Bulgaria

5. For those interested in rent of their property, as well as in long-term lease, our economic consultants will give their professional advice where to invest and what property to buy.

6. For the period of one year, we will provide security and housekeeping, every time you are away from your property in Bulgaria.


As a property management company we are tasked with the responsibility of managing the multiple aspects which come along with the ownership of real estate. An important role ours is that of acting as mediator between the owner and the tenant. Our duties as a property management company include accepting rent, responding to maintenance issues, advertising vacancies for owners, and doing credit and background checks on tenants. We also manage construction, development, repair and maintenance on a property. Our agency keeps current with new laws and practices.

This service includes:

1. Arranging accommodation in the property you purchased with the help of SBS Bulgarian Properties.

2. We will take care of the timely payment of all expenses (accommodation, electricity, water, insurance coverage, county taxes, etc.)

3. Providing seasonal occupation of various properties in summer and winter resorts in Bulgaria, purchased with the help of our team. We do this for you to achieve long-term cash inflow.

4. Our best building consultants and professional interior designers will heartily assist the owner and make the most favorable offer for renovation or reconstruction at lowest expenses and for the shortest terms.

5. We provide special teams that will take care for the maintenance of your property in Bulgaria. This includes all repairs, cleaning of the common parts of the property and repairs of all the systems in the Bulgarian property youve purchased.

In attempt to save the embarrassment of our customers, as well as their precious time, means, we will make sure that there is a specialist to every single property, purchased through us- this will enable the owner of the property to get in touch with the housekeeper in time that is convenient for him.


For investors that have substantial involvement in their own business, willing to explore new  investment fields without taking great risks, we offer surely profitable investment opportunities in Bulgaria.

Recently, a number of actions have been made to lure foreign investors to Bulgaria, by providing necessary tax preferences and incentives (in particular for investments exceeding 5 000 000 USD, investment in a region with high unemployment or creation of about 100 new jobs).

Getting closer to the due date of the Bulgarian entry in the EU, a great change has been has been noticed in the Bulgarian property market. The last several years there was an increasing demand for Bulgarian properties not only along the Black Sea coastline, but also in mountain resorts, as well as  plots in the big Bulgarian cities and towns and large plots of agricultural land.

The goals are to acquire property for:

1. Building large residential complexes and creation of club resorts;
2. Transfer (fully or partially) of an enterprise in Bulgaria, as well as provision of much needed office space;
3. Creation of reservations specially made for rural tourism, hunting and angling, as well as many others that all have extremely fast return of the investments.

The trend of rising prices for the properties in Bulgaria is expected to continue with even greater speed. According to some prognoses, there will be an increase of the prices up to ten times by the 2007! That is why we from SBS Bulgarian Properties Ltd. as one of the leading companies in the Bulgarian property market, would like to offer you a number of activities that will enable the process of purchasing a property in the country.

National agency SBS Bulgarian Properties Ltd. offers to realize the investor's control with the help of our highly-qualified teams, which will undertake the following steps:

1. We will make a schedule for the most important actions, coordination every detail with the contractor and making sure all deadlines are met. Preliminary inspection of  the necessary documentation for the construction of a property will also be made, as well as correcting errors.

2. Inspection of the quality and the right quantity of the used materials, their storage and warehousing, as well as the use of proper machines and equipment.

3. You dont need to bother about the fulfilment of all the statutory prescriptions for labour safety, technical and fire safety because we will arrange that for you.

4. We can offer you professional consultations for the proper furnishing of the buildings, made by our prospective interior designers.

5. The service Management of properties is offered by our company for those who want to lease or rent a renovated or reconstructed property.

Where and how to buy in Bulgaria.

With a lot to see and choose from the Bulgarian property market can offer even the most demanding buyers properties that are bound to satisfy their needs and requirements. The excellent recreational facilities in the summer and winter resorts as well as beautiful, preserved nature, something very uncommon in the rest of Europe, gives investors a variety of destinations to choose from, all with high potential of return.

Whether you want to invest in Bulgarian properties along the Black Sea coast line or go up in the picturesque mountains, real estate purchase options are flexible and varied. Surveys show that for properties close to the Black Sea Bourgas is an extremely popular region, which has in fact attracted a lot of interest and foreign investment. With numerous modern complexes offering everything necessary for a pleasant and comfortable holiday as well facilities for all year round occupation, charming houses and spacious plots of land, one can find the perfect investment option. In addition impressive investment projects have changed the image of some of Bulgarias most popular winter resorts, transforming them into some of the best ones in New Europe. Government investing in Borovets as part of Bulgarias Winter Olympics 2014 bid has turned the resort and the surrounding area into an extremely attractive destination, guaranteeing a huge growth for (potential) investors.
What do you need to know before you buy property in Bulgaria:

The National Real Property Association was set up in 1994 and a Real Estate Market Index was published in October of 2002 for the very first time. Despite numerous positive changes over the last 12 years the real estate market in Bulgaria is still not regulated be sure to research and choose your estate agent carefully in order to avoid the chance of a fraud.

In accordance with national legislation, despite changes prompted by Bulgarias accession to the EU, foreign nationals can not acquire full ownership rights over land (until 2014). However this does not preclude you from purchasing property in Bulgaria setting up a company on the territory of the country is the way round this strict legislative norm. The procedure is quick and easy a local solicitor will prepare all necessary documents and will submit them in the relevant District Court on your behalf. The registration takes around 10 working days. As part of the process you will be required to deposit an initial capital of 5,000 BGN (or 75% thereof) in a bank account in your companys name. Following the completion of the registration process this deposit can be withdrawn upon presenting the court decree at the bank. Annual taxes arising out of having a company registered in Bulgaria will be due at the end of each fiscal year a local accountant can deal with the necessary paper work on your behalf. It is useful to bear in mind that a power of attorney can be signed, allowing a trusted individual (your lawyer is an obvious choice) to represent you before the relevant authorities and institutions on the territory of Bulgaria. Any property in Bulgaria you choose to buy will be purchased through and in the name of your company.

This does not apply in cases where your chosen investment in Bulgaria does not come with any land as in the case of apartments where the property can be bought in the name of a private individual.
When investing in Bulgarian properties you should bear in mind the national requirements for residing lawfully in the country. As a general rule EU citizens can spend 3 out of every 6 months in Bulgaria while the residence period for British and Irish citizens is 1 out of every 6 months. The rule is flexible and cases are decided on individual basis, taking into consideration specific circumstances. These regulations are currently applied and will only continue to be in effect until January 1, 2007.

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Are you looking for:

apartments, houses, restaurants, offices, hotels, plots of land off plan developments

in Bulgaria?

We can help you!
Search through our huge database of properties in all Bulgarian towns/villages and resorts. Our list of properties is updated daily to give you a big choice, so you can take the right decision.

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